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Your Identity: Being Who You Are
"Your Identity" is a book about who you really are and being it.
Holy Spirit and Fire: Experiencing More of God
"Holy Spirit" and Fire is a book about experiencing more of God in your Life.
Healing Is For You: Walking in Healing
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From the author of, “Your Identity” and “Holy Spirit and Fire” comes an anointed book titled, “Healing Is for You.” Do you want to get healed, walk in healing, or just want to know more about it? Well this book is for you. In this book, you will find out what the bible says about healing. You will also find out is it for today. You will learn the foundations of healing in this book. This is a detailed book on the history of healing, how to get healed, and how to walk in healing. You will also find out about modern applications of healing and the dangers of false healing. This book is full of biblical evidences that is unpacked even on the topic of is "healing for today". This is for the person who has never heard of biblical healing and for the one that is advanced on the subject.